Monday, March 27, 2006


The Elections Are Over...Now What?

By Wesley Fortuna

Now the presidential election is behind the Haitian people. It's time for us to stop thinking about candidate this or that. We should think about our beloved land Haiti. The current government should start thinking of ways to join forces with everyone in order to push the country foward.

It is unfortunate that Pastor Chavannes Jeune didn't win. But in a way, he was a big winner. His party is right now the most respected party in the country and it is gaining momentum day by day. That is not to say that the other parties are worthless. But most of them ar somewhat fragmented. For the sake fo this writing, let's not bring Mr. Preval's party into this.

One day, perhaps his party will grow some roots. We should all remember that he was a prominent member of Aristide's party. Since he has somewhat distanced himself from Aristide, he had to, in a hurry, cook up his own party. That was a brilliant move on his part. And I believe he will continue to show his brilliance by bringing people like Pastor Chavannes Jeune, Simeus and the likes on board with him.

It seems as though every Haitian feels liberated once a president was elected. And so, we are optimistic that progress is on the way. Haiti will bounce back.

This article does not reflect the views of Pastor Chavannes Jeune.

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