Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Haitian Immigration to the Bahamas

We found this great article by Larry Smith that I think has great information about Haitian immigrants in the Bahamas. And so, we decided to post part of it here for you to read. If you want to have access to the whole article, follow the link. Again, this article does not reflect the view of Chavannes Jeune or his staff.

Bahama Pundit: The Haitian Migration to the Bahamas: "The Haitian Migration to the Bahamas
by Larry Smith
“Migration is an age-old response to different opportunities either within or across international borders, to be managed by governments as an opportunity, not solved as a problem. The ideal world is one where there are few migration barriers and enforcement expenditures, because there is little unwanted migration.”
2005 World Migration Report
The United States is pressing ahead with unpopular immigration reforms while our policymakers dither in the face of mounting antagonism towards illegal Haitians in the Bahamas."

haitian immigration to the bahamas

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