Thursday, November 24, 2005


We Need Your Help

Dear Friend,We need your help.The effort to elect Ing Chavannes Jeune President of Haiti is in full swing. Each day we have seen hundreds of young people walking though our doors all over Haiti seeking for ways to help the movement. Time permits, we intend to visit all 560 section rurals o Haiti in order to listen to the people of this great nation.
While we are out campaigning, we need you to call your family in Haiti and tell them to elect Chavannes Jeune president of Haiti. We need you to tell them “Fe Kwa sou Kwa a”, (our slogan) in the message space provided by all Haiti’s Money Transfer companies.We know you would want to know our plan for Haiti and Chavannes Jeune’sbackground; we have all of them ready for you just send us an email and we will be glad to forward an electronic package to your attention. We count on your prayers and your support.Patriotiquement vôtre,Dr. DenorUNION

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