Saturday, November 19, 2005



Dear Haitians, Christian Friends of Haiti, Brothers and Sisters,

Today more than ever, Haiti needs united Christian Political Leaders in order to move forward. Haiti counts more than 8 millions inhabitants and another 2.5 millions living in the Diaspora. The latest statistics show that more than 40% of Haitians are of Christian religions.

The Haitian people hope that the Christian Political Leaders need to use God’s mercies and tenderness and their own Christian and morale values to bring changes to the current Haitian situation that we all deplore. Haiti is the poorest country in western hemisphere.

In Haiti, people are starving, the women are being kidnapped, raped, and killed, innocent and harmless people are being kidnapped on a daily basis, their meager possessions are burnt down on a daily basis, and their lives are cut short for no apparent reasons. In this interconnected World, Christians like you, who share the same Christian values, teaching, and understanding cannot afford not to get involved.

The level of morality, dignity, and integrity required today for electing a responsible government, for restoring hopes, attracting investments and creating jobs, generating peace, social acceptance, and justice for all in Haiti, demands a more fraternal understanding built in strong proximity.

We, Haitians, Christians, Professionals, Friends of Haiti and the Haitian People, we need UNITY among our Political Leaders. We need it today! We call for it today!

That is why a group of Christians and concerned Christian Haitians and Friends of Haiti from the following organizations: Partners Worldwide, DataComp USA, Consistoire Mondial du Protestantisme Haïtïen, Eritaj Foundation of Massachusetts, USA), and Advocates International (France) is sponsoring and organizing a CHRISTIAN UNITY SUMMIT in Miami, Florida from November 22nd -24th for the Christian Political front runners for President for the next Elections that will take place in Haiti in December 2005 and January 2006. Among those leaders we list Pastor Chavannes Jeune of UNRCH/UNION, Dr. Charles Poisset-Romain of FONCIP, Dr. Luc Mesadieu of MONCHRENA and Rony Desroches of the 184 Groupe.

The purpose of the Summit is to strengthen their abilities in order to win the elections together, to share the victory together. We do NOT want any losers and we CANNOT afford to have any losers in our Christian camp. We need to have one unified and unique candidate among them who is most capable and poised to win and to lead Haiti on a different path (an equitable and Christian path) for the next 5 years.

For the stated reasons above and many more that we don’t have time to list, we call on you dear Christian Friends, Brothers, and Sisters to pray for the success of the SUMMIT. We need God’s Guidance and Direction. We know that the Bible says: “We can do anything through God who strengthens us”. Please, please, please PRAY for the organizing Committee and all the participants! We count on you!

May God Richly Bless You!

Brother Crizauld Francois
Member of the Organizing Committee

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