Thursday, November 24, 2005


Haiti Ministry Trip

Dear NDI Prayer Partner,

On Monday I will be leaving again for Haiti.  I have hardly had time to “catch my breath” from my past trip to Africa – but it is imperative that I be in Haiti next week.  Let me briefly explain why…

As I trust you know from my previous emails, and from other NDI mailings, we have been involved in Haiti for over 35 years.  In fact, Haiti is our oldest field of ministry.  I first took the New Directions musical ministry team there in 1969 for an evangelistic sweep across the entire island.  We have been going back multiple times every year since that time.  

Over the past two years, we were deeply involved in Haiti’s Bicentennial commemoration as the “Oldest Black Republic in the World.”  Haiti was second country in the Western Hemisphere to gain her independence --following the United States.  Leading up to the Bicentennial, there were influential people -- including then President Aristide, who wanted to re-ratify the ancient Boukman Blood Pact with the devil, which exchanged freedom from France for bondage to the devil for 200 years.  So we came alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters for months of spiritual warfare to break that satanic blood pact -- and bring Haiti under the liberating blood of Christ.  

Our long time friend and partner, Dr. Chavannes Jeune, was the primary catalyst for these historic events.  This spiritual warfare was culminated this past December through a series of events that we helped sponsor known as “Haiti At The Cross.”  God abundantly blessed, and we believe that the Boukman Blood Pact has been broken through the power of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Now it is time to give political expression to this spiritual revolution that has taken place.  A new political party has been established known as UNCRH, which is a French acronym for ”National Christian Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti.”  This next week they will have their very first series of meetings in Port-au-Prince, and Dr. Chavannes Jeune will be presented as the Presidential candidate for that party.  He has asked me to teach several hundred key leaders for the two days leading up to the final event on April 14th, as well as speak at the closing rally.  Across the years we have preached together throughout Haiti – and especially in these last 2 years leading up to the Bicentennial and “Haiti At The Cross.”   So it will be an honor to once again be at his side as he announces his candidacy for President of Haiti!  

We know that the enemy will continue to fight this new spiritual-political movement.  And the lingering pro-Aristide gang members are still shooting and killing people – even the UN Forces.  In addition, the evil one is also seeking to deploy his favorite tactic of “divide and conquer.”  So pray that unity will prevail – beginning with the pastors and Christian leaders.  And pray that God will give me great wisdom and a fresh anointing as I preach and teach.

Finally, please read the following linked email, a very important letter from the Executive Consultant and International Liaison for UNCRH.  Please take a few more minutes to open and read this attachment.  And then FERVENTLY PRAY for Chavannes Jeune, the members of UNCRH, and myself as we seek to lift the banner of Christ over these historic events.  By God’s grace and sovereign power, we have a real opportunity to “take the Haiti White House” for Christ!  And you can play a vital part through your prayers and fasting for these events between April 12th and 14th.

For His Kingdom & Glory in Haiti,


PS: I would also love to hear back from you through a brief email to let me know that you indeed have opened and read these emails!  And be watching for a special edition of our Frontline newspaper that will feature Haiti and our on-going Tsunami work in India and Sri Lanka.

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