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Chavannes Jeune

Chavannes Jeune At age nine, when most American kids would be playing Little League for the first time or learning long division, Chavannes Jeune was preaching his first public sermon at an open-air outreach.

Born in Haiti on December 29, 1953, Pastor Chavannes grew up in a evangelistic household; his father was a pioneer of the Mission Evangelique Baptiste du Sud d'Haiti (MEBSH).During a Vacation Bible School at age seven Chavannes made his own personal commitment to Christ, followed by baptism at fourteen. Although Chavannes graduated with a degree as a civil engineer, he knew his real mission in life lay not in building an earthly city, but in furthering a Heavenly Kingdom.

Since preaching his first sermon (22 people were saved as a result!) Pastor Chavannes realized that "God had a clear purpose for my life to be his mouthpiece." And so he went to universities in Washington State, South Carolina, and Chicago, where he completed studies in a broad range of subjects including Missiology, Christian Education, Public Administration, Spiritual Counseling, and Communications.

Chavannes has been given honorary doctorates in Divinity (Atlantic Theological Seminary) and Medicine (Lumiere University). In addition to his academics, Pastor Chavannes further equipped himself for ministry by traveling the world in order to participate in various mission conferences dealing with evangelistic and social topics.

Pastor Chavannes, like his father, joined MEBSH and in 1989 received his first church leadership position; one year later he was ordained. In 1992 and again in 1997 Pastor Chavannes was elected president of MEBSH for five-year terms. He is now Vice-President, and, in his words, "pastor at large." He states, "God has mightily used me as a catalyst for change and unity among the Haitian pastors and churches in both Haiti and overseas." Besides heading spiritual flocks, Chavannes also heads a household; in 1981 he married Marie Lucie Carisma and they now have four children.

The Lord has given Chavannes favor in the eyes of Haiti’s leaders and public. He served as Vice President of the country for thirteen months in 1988-89, and led the President at that time to the Lord, as well as several Army generals. He distributed bibles to the entire army and started a bible study for the leadership.

He is the founder and general promoter of “Haiti’s Vision for the Third Century” (HAVIDEC), a year long saturation of Haiti for 2004 to take the country back from Satan and dedicate her to Jesus Christ. HAVIDEC is a concerted effort of all the major churches, denominations, and Protestant organizations in Haiti to bring about a spiritual deliverance for Haiti on the occasion of the celebration of the country's 200 years of independence.

The strategies for this spiritual war include a year of prayer and intercession, education and promotion of spiritual and moral values, outreaches throughout Haiti, a Leadership Form and a nationwide gathering. HAVIDEC's strategy involves a five-phase plan of action. The first phase will be mobilization and getting the word out. The second phase will be the mobilization, training and deployment of prayer teams.

The third phase consists of twelve saturation outreaches in all the major cities in Haiti from December 5-12, 2004, each outreach being adopted by an American mission organization (including NDI). The fourth phase will be a gathering of 1,000 leaders for a National Forum January 1-3, 2004. On January 4th, there will be a massive outreach in the capital of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where a crowd of 250,000 is possible.

Lastly, the fifth phase will be the construction of a National Stadium, due to be completed by 2010. It will have a 50,000 seating capacity, a museum, library and Conference facility, so as to "be a rallying point and edification place for all of the evangelicals of Haiti." To call this plan incredible would be correct; the goal is "nothing short of breaking the bondage of voodoo, poverty, ignorance, crime and corruption, and bringing in a time of peace and prosperity through the church as God's salt and light in that society." Incredible?

Yes. But to a man who has seen the incredible from a very early age, with God - all things are possible. Please pray that the Lord would be glorified during the upcoming events and for wisdom and safety for Chavannes as he leads.

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